Marrakech: a tale of a Halloween costume

Dear friends,

I thought you might like to see what I wore for the Halloween party at Peacock Pavilions in Marrakech. I went as myself, well.... sort of anyway. 

A 100 year old hand painted Chinese magician's robe, a gift from my father.

An antique Yemeni headscarf.

An Indian bindi on my forehead.

5 agate & silver rings from Mali on 1 hand.

2 dangly coin rings from Rajasthan on the other hand.

Bouvier earrings with a 16th century French poem on them.


I wanted to take a picture of this strange and curious outfit.

First, I tried to look serious.


But that didn't suit me.  So then I tried to look like a kitchy vintage Bollywood actress - the kind who are always peeking out of closets, sneaking into rooms  or holding an empty glass to the wall & evesdropping.

H2 Maryam black and white

 I almost succeeded with that Bollywood thing.  Which made me laugh.

H3 Maryam
And I ended up looking just like myself.


Dress up, be silly, and wangle yourself a trick (or a treat).

Happy Halloween. 


With love from Marrakech,