Marrakech: and a scary tale. Umm...really.

Oh I know Halloween has come and gone.  But I wanted to show you the cast of characters at Peacock Pavilions.  Frankly, they're downright terrifying.  Yikes, see for yourself.

There's the mad doctor (aka architect husband Chris)

HP 4
Then there's this confused victim of the mad doctor (aka Todd, Peacock Painter) Ahem, in the pool area of Peacock Pavilions.

HP 2
Vicious cat girl (aka intern Katie)

Wily sailor girl. (aka intern Medora)

HP 1
The decor was, well, horrifying.

HP 6
And there was an autopsy in a haunted house in the basement. 

But the scariest thing of all, by far, was that it was this boy's birthday.  He turned 11, you see.  And it wasn't so much that he was scary.   Because he wasn't really.  But 11 was 11, after all.  And I knew he would be gone soon.  Because he was just a little boy yesterday (I swear).  And now he is............big.

HP 5
But those are just the confused mutterings of a woman in a Chinese magician's robe.  Or something like that.  (But just in case, grab them and hug them and whisper in their ear that they mean more to you than they can ever know.)