Marrakech's Peacock Pavilions: and more tales from Morocco

You see, in the beginning, I was just a girl living with my family in an olive grove in Marrakech.

But now.....I'm a girl connected to the whole world by a blog. 

I wonder about that really -- how this blog has changed so many things for me.  Made so many things better.  And one of the very very best things has been the people I have met along the way. 

Julie from the blog Alkaline Sisters was one of the lovely women at Holly's fab decor8 retreat at Peacock Pavilions. She has an inspiring story of how she healed herself through changing her diet.

Here are some of the images that she took at Peacock Pavilions.

Julie's photos
See more beautiful photos of Peacock Pavilions and Marrakech on Julie's blog right here, including a yummy Moroccan recipe!