I received the Moroccan blanket on Friday. It is absolutely gorgeous!!! I am so happy I got it. The detailed work is just amazing on the front and the back with the beautiful woven colored designs.
I love the sequins and the delicate jingle they make. It is such a special treasure.
Thank you again.
— Dawn Hironaka
The M.Montague Souk has some of the most exquisite home and gifts products you can find in Morocco. Incredible vintage wedding blankets with shimmery sequins, fabrics, hand towels with delicate tassels and pompoms, refined pillows, and throws that are irresistible. All of these chic products are designed and sourced from only the best artists in Morocco. The owner and designer Maryam has the BEST EYE in the world!

— Stephanie von Watsdorf, Fashion Designer
I have purchased a variety of items from Maryam including rugs, trays, jewelry, pillows, and even a mind-blowingly gorgeous 200-year old hand-embroidered dress from Yemen! All my purchases have been carefully and lovingly packaged, and have arrived quickly and safely. On top of all this, a portion of all sales go to help support Maryam’s wonderful non-profit organization, Project Soar, which empowers young women by keeping them in school, thus helping to end the cycle of child brides. I love knowing that every purchase I make at M. Montague souk helps make the world a better place! Thank you, Maryam and M. Montague souk!
— Lana Conly, Collector