Manhattan: and a tale of a return

Ah, Manhattan, that Metropolis of dreams filled with those inspired and inspiring.

I find myself here.  Or perhaps I am just coming back.  My father grew up here, my grandfather grew up here, my great grandfather grew up here.  On Waverly Place in Greenwich village in a 3 story apartment with a proper salon.  The stories I could tell you (Yes, mistresses, scandals, and stolen hearses).  But those are blog posts for another time.

In the meanwhile, wish me well.  I am here to see Artisan Books, the publishing house that is publishing my Moroccan interior design book in the Spring of 2012.  Let's hope they still like it. (Just in case, please keep your fingers crossed, talismans on, and do a little hail Mary for me, if that's your thing.)


Image by Melintir