Washington DC: and a tale of a true confession

Here’s the thing: I’m not that smart, I am not that special, I have no mind-altering skills. I’m a regular person. I have flaws – many. I do the wrong thing – often. I have petty jealousies – loads. I fall on my face -- more than you can possibly imagine.

But here’s the other thing: Every day, every single day, is a chance to do better, to live with more grace, to take that moment – that tiny moment in between something happening and your response -- and to think twice.

In a world filled with quick fixes -- to ten steps to finding a lover and two weeks to a slimmer you -- this is the hard stuff. Because this is about character, about integrity, about the long haul. This is about making yourself proud, even if no one pats you on the back.

Evolution is possible but one trait is necessary: determination – mine and yours -- to raise the bar. It’s about our interactions with our spouse, our child, our coworker, and the stranger in the street. It’s about right now, one hour from now, tonight.

Forget about yesterday – it’s over. But today is a whole new chance.

I’m trying today. Are you?