Marrakech: and a cyclical tale of gardens at Peacock Pavilions

When events don't go as planned, when actions are unthinkable, when the whole world seems to run amok....I try to remind myself that life come in cycles.  Treasures are snatched away and then gifts are given.  It rains for days and then it clears. Loves wither but others take their place and shyly flourish.  

And if we steep ourselves in sadness, in regrets, in recriminations, we lose our opportunities to see our beauties today.  Miracles, yes miracles, are everywhere.  Now and just around the corner.

Peacock Pavilions 3

There are hundreds of roses blooming at Peacock Pavilions. Two weeks ago, there were none. It's a sign of better things to come.

Please, for all of us.

Peacock Pavilions 2


Peacock Pavilions 1

To know that This, too, shall pass and believe in the power of dreams, read THIS.  You'll see just how far we've come.