Narcisse Magazine: and a tale of those without shadows

It's a confusing time in the world.  Isn't it?  I walk around shaking my head.  

 I look for those without shadows.  But they are hard to find.  I look within myself and I see shadows, too.  

We all have our issues.  We all have our regrets.  The things we shouldn't have said, the things we should have done.  

I know I fall down.  Often.    

But then I get back up.  And I have another chance to do better.  We all do.  

So I have been taking some concrete hold myself to a higher standard.  To do more.  To achieve more. To give more. 

This means taking risks.  Many.  It's hard to find the way.  

I whisper to myself, like a mantra,  I can.  

And I think that, maybe, I actually can.  

Perhaps you need this mantra, too?  


Editorial: Narcisse Magazine
Photographer: Christoph Köstlin
Fashion & Art Director: René Gloor


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