Black Friday: And a tale of my favorite picks, part 1

Less but better.  My home, my life.  It's a work in progress.  It's true that I love beauty and I collect it. But I also collect the stories.  I have many pretty things in my shop, but I thought I would share with you the things that I would buy for myself.  

The delicate all wool throw on the left is vintage and so beautifully spun.  It has the most breathtaking hand embroidered indigo border.  Vintage, made by a Moroccan woman for herself.  Use as a throw but also wear as a shawl as thing of beauty.  Shop here.

The throw on the right is designed by me.  It is made out of a double whipped wool that is as soft as chenille and shot through with lines of gold for glamour.  This is entirely hand loomed up in the Moroccan Rif Mountains.  So plush. Shop here.

This blanket is entirely one of a kind.  The blanket itself  is vintage, all wool, handwoven.  The embroidery is made entirely by hand.  So happy and made with love.  Shop here.

Ah the vintage Beni Ouarain rug.  These rugs form the underpinning of my own home and are the ones that I choose for myself.  So plush and thick. All wool, all hand knotted.  Original vintage - not new copies.  These will never lose their value and there is a reason that they are in the pages of every design magazine.  The very best investment in cozy.  Shop for the one on the left HERE and the one on the right HERE.  They are my favorites.

Handmade seating.  I just started carrying the BIG carpet pouf made for me out of vintage carpets.  I love the idea of snuggling with your love on them, or reading with a child.  The caramel leather pouf on the right is a classic that I never get tired of.  Perfect extra seating that gives dimension.  I love the embroidery. 

It's true that I am a woman who loves jewels.  I won't deny it.  I love to organize them on these beautiful very heavy jewelry hands.  All hand etched.  The first time on sale!   The dish on the right is my own design, inspired by talismanic carpet patterns.  Perfect for your jewels bedside.  Or use for soap, keys, etc.  All hand engraved.

It's all on sale (and so much more) in the M.Montague Souk!  Black Friday deals but only for a few days and then it is gone!  Use the code IAMCHIC for a steep discount.  Shop better, shop beauty, shop handmade.  It's all good, right? Would love to hear what you would buy for yourself.