Marrakech: and a tale of the yearly word

Dear friends,

I love things like New Year's Resolutions.  There's something so, well, hopeful about them. So earnest.  And while it's fair game to be snarky about resolutions (after all, they are so easily made and so hard to keep), I think they're an opportunity to call forth a more aspirational version of ourselves.  Someone better -- the person who works to live up to their potential. The person that your Mom always knew you could be with a little thoughtfulness and some rolling up of the sleeves.

I like to boil my resolution down to one word.  More like a guiding principle reduced down its very essence. Something to come back to when things start to feel a bit adrift.  

Over a year ago, I was with a small group of French friends by the seaside when the new year rolled around.  We chose for 2014 the French word, "Foncez!" which means to charge forward.  We wanted to try everything, do everything, to not be afraid.  On the first day of the year, we rushed forward -- all holding hands -- into the winter sea.  It was icy cold and exhilarating.  Much like the year lay ahead of us.

This year, I am more quiet and pensive than I was a year ago.  In 2014, I tried many things -- some which succeeded and some which failed.  

My life is now stuffed full with many things, yes.  But some are now hard to find.

So in 2015, I am choosing the word, Organize.  

"Organize".  It sounds so dreary and bureaucratic, doesn't it?  But I don't mean that way -- I mean it in the most positive way.  Clutter is diminished, systems are put in place, life is run better.  

No, this is not about the minimal lifestyle that seems to be promoted everywhere on the internet -  the one urging you to reduce your wardrobe down to a uniform, live with only 72 things, and buy nothing.

No, this the outlook where you organize so you can see what you have better. Things, ideas and businesses are given upgrades.  You make life less messy and more grown up.  And rather than striving to live with less, you work to make room for more.

With the help of some talented people (I am looking at you, Natalie, Nikki and Carrie), I began this process before the new year started.  But there's so much more to do.  I know it's going to be hard and I have so much to learn.  But  I can see this (more organized) destination-- before me -- right there on the horizon.  I know it's farther than it looks, much like the snow capped Atlas Mountains that I admire from my terrace at Peacock Pavilions.  But I am putting on my boots and I am heading out.  Will I see you somewhere on the way?    



PS In the spirit of New Year's resolutions, on the first Sunday of of 2015, we organized an activity for the Project Soar girls to work on their yearly goals, too.  

More than 40 Project Soar girls took time to write their goals down.  I hope you'll do the same.  Even if it's only one word:-)

PS If one of your New Year's resolutions is to do good, please consider buying the very newest Montague shirt for your favorite guy. It's called Swoon and is made by the big hearted fellas at Imperial  Black.  40% of profits benefit Project Soar.  It's a stylish way to help underprivileged girls and support them to grown into strong and empowered women. Now that's a worthy thing, isn't it?