Marrakech, Morocco: and a tale of starting the year right

It's the New Year.  And I tried to start it right.  With friends in the Peacock Pavilions dining tent.  

We prepared a feast with charcuterie and cheeses brought from Europe, rosemary cocktails, legs of lamb, French onion tarts, vegetable tian, and mini chocolate fondants.  

I passed out slips of paper so that we could jot down our regrets, our sadnesses, our disappointments in 2014.  Then we set them on fire and let them go.  As the smoke ebbed, we began to feel lighter.

Then we looked forward to 2015 with earnestness and with shiny attitudes. We filled in cards with promises and then tucked them into our bags for remembering.  

With those important things done, at midnight we were ready for champagne, drunk in small Moroccan tea glasses of course.  

And then there was dancing until 2:30 or 3am.  

I've felt a weight begin to lift and I feel better. How about you, Lovelies? What did you do to start your New Year right?