Handiras: and a dreamy tale of glamorous Moroccan bedroom ideas

In the winter, my bedroom is command central at Peacock Pavilions. You can see it here. 

I love to cozy into a beautiful bed with crisp sheets, my laptop, and endless cups of coffee.  And adding the ultimate layer of warmth and glamour is the Moroccan wedding blanket, or handira and a super chic Beni Ouarain carpet.

These wedding blankets are the star of every bedroom that they land in.  Handiras are handwoven of wool with bushy bands and glimmering sequins. Made for Berber brides to wear on their wedding day, they are believed to have protective powers.  Some believe that they make you lucky in love:-)

And the choices!  Here are a few for you to admire.  Creamy beige wedding blankets, ones with patterned bands or handiras with zig zags of color.  I love the big gesture and so I've designed all black wedding blankets that look like starry midnight skies and hot pink ones that are doses of the most delicious color therapy.  Add some gorgeous wedding blanket cushions and your bed is complete!

I sent one of these amazing pink wedding blankets to Texas last week -- a gift for a very special girl from her mother.  I love throwing a Moroccan carpet on the floor that looks like it was drawn with a Sharpie:-)  And a stylish wedding blanket pouf!  So chic. 

{My sublime walls were designed in collaboration with Royal Design Studio and a group of talented Peacock Painters.}

Smaller wedding throws are perfect for wrapping around you on cold winter days or for making the prettiest headboard.  Dreamy.  If you add a colorful Moroccan rug, the whole feel changes.

I have the biggest and most stunning collection of Moroccan wedding blankets that I have ever had, right now in my Souk. Also sublime new stock of creamy Moroccan Beni Ouarain rugs.  A perfect Christmas gift for you, your spouse, or your best friend. Or contact me for a gift certificate and let that special someone choose themselves!.  

You use your bed every single day -- it's worth investing in.  Make it a place for your most beautiful dreams...