Marrakech, Morocco: and a Moroccan design tale of winter whites and silvers

#TribalChic home decor by M.Montague- Moroccan wedding blankets and cushions for a beautiful white bedroom
tribal chic home decor by M.Montague- luxury Moroccan home goods and design for bedroom decorating

There's snow on the Moroccan Atlas Mountains and they look so close that I'm tempted to reach out to try to touch them.  I'm so inspired by the Wintry wonderland that I thought I'd bring you my own version, right from the rooms of Peacock Pavilions.....  {Moroccan wedding blankets & cushions, right from my shop.}

In Morocco (and more broadly, in Islam), whites, ivories and creams have positive connotations, standing for purity, piety and goodness.  To describe someone as having a "white heart" is a compliment.  Men wear white to pray, and gifts of white (sugar, milk, eggs, etc.) are thought to have blessings.  

Moroccan white symbolism is powerful, indeed.

Add a dash of silver for yet more Moroccan color magic.  In Morocco, silver or white metal is believed to have protective powers and be able to ward off the evil eye.  Wearing, using and decorating with silver is helpful in warding off evil genies, too.  Did you know that genies are thought to outnumber humans?  Ahem, you better get your silver on!!! {Jewelry hand, vintage hammam bowls and sequined shawl/throw from my Souk.}  

Some more pretty whites, ivories and silvers from around Peacock Pavilions.  So dreamy & glamorous, yes?  

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