Everywhere sort of: and a tale of being in the New York Times

Dear Friends,

My Dad is from New York and I spent much my younger years living in suburban Chappaqua, with weekend trips to visit my grandmother who lived in Manhattan's Greenwich village.  

So I couldn't be more excited to be the subject of the New York Times Saturday Profile about my efforts to empower girls and women in Morocco through Project Soar and Agent GirlPower!  The article, written by fantastic journalist Marjorie Olster, was also chosen as an Editor's Pick and on the NYT homepage. It was also in the International paper version of the New York Times.  Such a milestone thrill for me.

Saturday Profile.JPG
New York Times story.PNG

I'd love for you to take a read right here and let me know what you think! And please forward the story to anyone who might be interested in gender issues or the Middle East/North Africa/Morocco.  Thank you!