Marrakech: and a tale of a wedding & Moroccan design at Peacock Pavilions

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I remember my own Persian wedding day. The anticipation, the pearl pins in my hair, the beautiful dress bought in a a second hand wedding shop in the name of political correctness.  But mostly, I remember the feeling. The friendly sincerity of the Imam (Islamic Minister), the friends who held me in their arms, and the touching anecdotes told with eyes filled with tears. 

I also remember all the pretty details -- the canopy of a live weeping cherry tree on each table, the soup served in a whole tiny squash, the bags of bagels and cream cheese along with the Sunday paper for each departing guest.  

And so it is that I share a tale of a Moroccan wedding at Peacock Pavilions. And if you'd like to recreate some of that feel, a few items from my own M.Montague Souk.  Let the wedding (and Moroccan design) begin....

First the dress, that fluffy confection packed so carefully in a suitcase and flown from Canada to our olive grove. The bridal bedroom.

The perfect accessories. Guest Manager Sophie made the bouquet by hand.

The elation. Hair done, makeup on, and all ready.  

The setting with the pool filled with Moroccan roses.

The ceremony in a secret garden I designed myself. I brought back the hand cut streamers from Belgium.

The Moroccan cocktail reception poolside with the girls all in their pretty dresses.

The Moroccan dinner setting in an outdoor room with walls made of hedges.  The place mats were crocheted by hand from a raffia twine. I had the tiny pots made and Guest Manager Sophie planted them.  Architect husband put up a permanent canopy of fairy lights.  

The realization.  Married now.  

Oh the love.  And hopefully, the happy ever after.  

Wishing a beautiful future to these 2 newly weds!

For items in the M.Montague Souk, click on the images above.  Or check out Moroccan rugs, Moroccan wedding blankets, Moroccan poufs, Moroccan cushions, and Moroccan hooks in the M.Montague Souk.  I've designed or curated them all myself with love. Free shipping on most items! 

PS If you'd like us to host your own small destination wedding at Peacock Pavilions in Marrakech contact us! We still have August, September and October 2019 dates available.

Sublime wedding photography by I Dream Studios.

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