Marrakech: and a tale of a decorative painting retreat at Peacock Pavilions

When I look around Peacock Pavilions, I think of it as a communal labor of love.  Of course my architect husband, Chris, designed it, workers built it, and I decorated it.  But it goes beyond that, far far beyond.

And if I had a shiny gold star to give today, it would be to Melanie Royals of Royal Design Studio and Modello Designs, and her flocks of Peacock painters.  Oh to them gratitude for 2 beautiful painted staircases, 1 wall, 2 ceilings, 2 floors and a tent!  It's made Peacock Pavilions like, well, nothing else in the world.

And here's the best part: Melanie is coming back this October!  And this time she wants to bring you, {Yes, you.}  {Oh and did I mention that Melanie's designs are on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens this month? It's true!}


The fact is that you can learn many of the techniques used at Peacock Pavilions.  And go on to make your own place yet more beautiful! All you need is some instruction from Melanie, practice under her watchful eye, a few simple tools and some patience. Melanie has taught me how, and I've now gone on to decoratively paint so many other areas of Peacock Pavilions myself:  floors, closets, doors, cabinets, and even my file boxes!

The retreat is October 1-10.  Find out all the details RIGHT HERE. {And besides painting, there's plenty of other fun stuff included, too! }

Photo montage video by Melanie.

PS I'd be so so grateful for mentions of this fantastic retreat on blogs, facebook or twitter.  Pls let me know if you do so I can thank you!