Mali: and a tale of Camp Kangaba

Lucky me!  I'm staying in Camp Kangaba in Mali.  It reminds me of the days when I lived in Southern Africa, and we would head out on safari on the weekends.

A thatched hut just for me!

Camp 14
And a big white bed with a mosquito net under a peaked roof!

Mali Bamako_1439
A fine menu! (They should charge extra to have the dog keep you company.  So sweet.)

Camp 17
Warm goat cheese salad.  Yes please!

Food  camp
A comfortable chair to enjoy my frosty Castel beer.

Camp 5
and swinging couches.  Oh!

Camp 18

Walks in the woods where you learn about nature {And an outdoor ping pong table, a pool, a tennis court...}

Camp 19

If I don't come back, you'll know where to find me.

Right here.  At Camp Kangaba.

Camp 8
Camp Kangaba

45 minute drive from Bamako, Mali.


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