The Alps: and a New Year's tale of speed and risk


I hired Yves, a Swiss ski instructor, to improve my intermediate skills for an hour or two. And so it was on a ski lift looking down that I saw them - the children on the black diamond slopes.

I turned to Yves. They've always amazed me -- so small but so fast, I said

Yves nodded his head in agreement.  Oh yes, children are much quicker learners than adults.  

Why is that, do you think? I asked.

Yves pushed his goggles up and replied, Unlike adults, children don't over analyze things.  Rather, they watch the instructor to get the general idea, and then they just ski intuitively -- they trust their instincts more. Also children are different than adults in that they don't worry about falling.  And when they do fall, they pick themselves up, and get on with it. They are fearless.


Hmmm....I think children might have the secret.  And it applies to more than just skiing, I said smiling.


Yves laughed.  Then he leaned towards me said conspiratorially, Yes, children do have the secret.  But shhhh.....let's tell it to all the grownups we know.  

It's a deal, I said.  And then, we were at the top of the mountain.


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