Marrakech: and a tale of Christmas in Morocco or anywhere

My parents -- one from Iran and the other from New York -- weren't and aren't particularly religious. So when I was young, I didn't spend a lot of time in mosque or church. That said, growing up, Christmas was always an important holiday in my home.  My mother possesses a prodigious number of ornaments, and we loved trimming the tree. Christmas meals were always memorable and after gorging ourselves, my family and I sometimes headed to midnight mass at the Unitarian church down the street -- mostly to steep ourselves in the candle light and singing. 

It's easy to forget about Christmas in Marrakech, especially if one runs a little inn, like we do.  It's high season, after all, and travellers are flocking to the red city.  But -- although it makes lousy business sense -- we are closed at Peacock Pavilions. Because, after all, some things are more important than business.  

So I'm wishing you a very happy holiday season from France {and Switzerland}.  We're here with our best friends and our collective passle of children.  We'll be heading to Verbier to ski, drink too much egg nog, and generally make merry.  

It feels like Christmas.  

{And lest you think I have forgotten the Christmas spirit, Moroccan-style, I sourced hundreds of Moroccan lanterns for the holiday windows in all of Tory Burch's stores.  Pass by and take a peek, if there's a store near you. I think they look very festive:-)}

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