Morocco: a tale of a Moroccan rug sale but really a tale of so much more

Dear friends,

Inside each of us resides two of us.  We pretend on the outside that there is just one but really, there are two.  There is the one that is the beauty and the hope and the light.  And then there is the other that is the ugly, the angry and the dark. 

Sometimes we call the dark one, something else, something like the right one, the one who deserves better. This allows us to say what we wish without concern for ramifications, because after all, we are right.  When the dark one is with us, we squint, our eyes scanning the horizon, searching for arrows of injustice aimed at our bullseye. Our feet brace against onslaught, against perceived slights, against wrongdoings waged against us.  Our skin prickles, our hair bristles.  We are ready for battle.  We shout, we mutter, we say terrible things, we cut people off with a snap of our fingers.  We have been known to burn down whole villages in her name, in the name of the dark one.  And when we do, she stands right beside us, a Siamese twin in her armor. 

She is exhausting. 

But thankfully, she does not live alone. 

Because living within each of us, is the other one. 

The one who is up early lighting a candle at the start of each new day.  It is she who puts her loving hand on our shoulder and gives us a chance to start again, to start fresh, to start better.   

Photo by Garza Marfa  of M.Montague Souk rugs

Photo by Garza Marfa  of M.Montague Souk rugs

She is the measured one, the one who thinks before speaking.  She recognizes the imperfect in others, and she forgives them.  She knows that they are coping with the dark one, too, and she is compassionate.  

Photo by Garza Marfa of M.Montague Souk rugs

Photo by Garza Marfa of M.Montague Souk rugs

The light one is (no surprise) lighthearted. She is filled with joy. She looks at the world like a miracle and sees the sublime everywhere she puts her attention. 

Photo by Garza Marfa of M.Montague Souk rugs

Photo by Garza Marfa of M.Montague Souk rugs

The light one is your best friend and your best self.  Feed her, nourish her, recognize her.  Call her forth and manifest her, especially when you need her most, when the dark one is whispering in your ear.  I promise, she will come.  She will glide right by the dark one and will burst into the light, allowing you to do your best work.  The work that you were put on this planet to do.

She is beauty.  And in her name, the Almost Spring Sale in the M.Montague Souk.  1 day early for blog readers.  25% off everything with the code, IAMSTYLISH.  (The code really should have been, IamLight, but regardless.)  Free shipping on Moroccan rugs, cushions, and Moroccan blankets (and if you order one of these, free shipping on everything else, too).  A free gift with every purchase.  This sale is through March 19th only.  

There is more work to be done.  Yes, much more work.  Spring is not here yet.  But almost. 

With love,