Afghanistan and the quest for beauty: a tale of pottery, or sort of

I was thinking what it would be like to have someone -- a stranger -- walk into your pottery studio in Afghanistan, when you were just about to leave.

Afghan pottery
And to have this person, a woman, a foreigner, admire your work. The lines, the forms, the grace.

Afghan pottery 1
And to then -- even though you are late -- decide to reach for your clay.  

And change it.

Afghan pottery 2
And at your potter's wheel...  

Afghan pottery 3
quickly, so quickly....

Afghan pottery 4
have the clay grow

Afghan pottery 5
until it is something else.

Afghan pottery 7


Afghan pottery 8
under your fingertips.

Afghan pottery 9

I wonder if you knew your power.  Your gift. 

Afghan pottery 10Did you?

Afghan pottery 11

Because despite the chaos outside.  Outside those doors.  Outside in those Kabul streets.  Outside in those big buildings where people made decisions, or tried to, or pretended to, that affected other people.  Hundreds of people, thousands of people, millions of people.

Despite all that, I wonder if you knew that your clean slice....

Afghan pottery 12
would be remembered.  

Afghan pottery 13

Beauty and kindness and generousity have always been  -- and will always be -- a form of salvation.

PS Sculptor Caroline Douglas and her master students are at Peacock Pavilions. Making, sharing, giving.  This blog post is for her, and for them.

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