Marrakech: and a tale of the glimmering Moroccan kilims

Patterns unfurled.
Sequins glimmering.
Colors intoxicating.

1-a - carpet 2545_600
Yes, new and very special stock of vintage Moroccan kilims or flatweaves in Red Thread Souk.  For under your coffee table, your dining table, or on your den or library floors. {These are meant to be walked on and used. } Or pinned to the wall as headboards or art for a whole room.....

1-a - carpet 2540 2_600

Ethnic glamour at its very best...... These truly have the power to transform your, well, magic.

1-a - carpet 2544 1_600 (1)

1-a - carpet 2539 1_600

1-a - carpet 254 3_600
1-a - carpet 2552 3_600

See them all with pricing, at Red Thread Souk (Scroll down to the bottom of the page.)

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