sofia coppola

Marrakesh: and a tale of Sofia Coppola's Moroccan idyll - a Marni commercial for H&M

There's something about Morocco that gets under your skin.  It's not because it's all lovely (because there's plenty of gritty, too).  But it has a certain quality that's, well, unforgettable.  Something like that song you can't get out of your head or that perfume that still lingers in the air or that boyfriend who continues to provoke feelings long after you've broken up.  

Morocco stays with you.   

It stayed with film maker Sofia Coppola.  She came back to Marrakesh to shoot a new commercial for H&M and Marni.  Filmed at my friend Freck Vreeland's house in the Palmeraie, with its beautiful pool designed by Freck's wife, Vanessa.  {Freck said Sofia was the kind of person who could hear a sneeze from across the room and always said "Bless you"}.

Listen to Sofia's back story shooting the commercial here.