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Be Good.  Make Good.  Do Good.

M.Montague is a Marrakesh-based brand that brings to life the design, hospitality and humanitarian passions of its creative director, Maryam Montague. Unique and contemporary, our #tribalchic style radiates in our interior design ideas, unique home goods, handcrafted foods, and one-of-a-kind hotel experiences.

Beginning with the launch of the My Marrakesh travel and lifestyle blog in 2007,  the brand has grown to include the Peacock Pavilions boutique hotel, the M.Montague Souk, and an interior design sourcing service. 

We are a socially responsible brand and believe that all products and experiences should be good, make good, and do good. M.Montague products are thoughtfully curated from tribal communities around the world. As a brand built by social entrepreneurs, the M.Montague team shares a strong to commitment to giving back. All M.Montague products and experiences resource Project Soar, a non-profit organization established by Maryam and her husband Chris to empower underserved girls. To help source the organization, Peacock Pavilions matches a voluntary Do Good Tax asked of its clients and hosts activities weekly to support Project Soar.  Cash set asides for product sales at the M.Montague souk help fund Project Soar. Our friends and brand collaborators all share in our vision to promote social justice and empower girls by volunteering time, supplies, and financial support. 

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