The world: and a tale of a new modern tribe

I like to think of myself as part of a new modern tribe.  The dictionary defines a tribe in several ways including, a group of people… who have the same language, customs, and beliefs.

 Then it gives the example: a tribe of artists with wild hair and casual manners.

Sounds about right…

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When I think about the people in this modern tribe and their customs and beliefs, I hope it includes:

  • People who are purpose-driven and committed to addressing causes in concrete ways.
  • People who view themselves as global citizens and are deeply curious about the world around them.
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  • People who are filled with wanderlust and view travel as a priority in order to see, learn, meet, and gather.
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  • People who are brave and willing to take significant risks for the chance to live life at a more fulfilled level.
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  • People who surround themselves with beauty, understanding the immediate connection between their environment and themselves.
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  • People who eschew mass production in favor of the one of kind and artisanal.
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  • People who forgo trends to create their own style, which is intensely personal and distinctive. 
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Are you part of this tribe?  What values/customs/beliefs would you add to the list above?

Images: "Tomorrow's Tribe" Marina Nery by Sebastian Kim for Vogue Australia April 2014