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Marrakesh: and a tale of fitness extremes

You'll never make it, he said.  I'm sorry, Mom, but you'll never make it, he repeated, with the kind of swagger and assurance of a 13 year old.  You might as well quit while you're ahead, he added.

That sounds awfully hard, Mommy, my 11 year old daughter said.  Are you sure you want to do that?  Maybe you could go somewhere else and do something fun instead?  she said, helpfully.

What? exclaimed the IT guy.  And then he looked over his shoulder and said, Josh, listen to what this lady is doing for her vacation.

My husband took another approach.  Sure, he said.  I can help you get  waterproof pants and a reflective vest.  We have a headlamp somewhere but I'll pick up a new one for you.  

My husband left a bag for me.  In addition to the hiking socks I needed, he had bought me a hot pink workout shirt - just because. 

I'm leaving today for Spain and New You BootCamp.  New You BootCamp is a fitness bootcamp where you do 10 hours of exercise a day, every day for a week. 


So, see you back here in a week, hopefully a few pounds lighter and a lot fitter.  In the mean time follow my fitness travails via Twitter and Facebook.  {And please, send encouragement for my aching bones.} 


PS My son is sure that the headlamp is for military maneuvers at night.  Oh my.