Morocco: and a tale of bringing the Moroccan souk to you!


It's my birthday today!  Oui!

I wanted to celebrate this year with some Moroccan gorgeous, with some ethnic chic, with some exotic glamour.  Yes, I wanted to celebrate by bringing the Moroccan souk right to you! So for the first time ever, I'm offering free shipping (to North America and Europe) on Moroccan carpets and rugs (including Beni Ouarain) and Moroccan wedding blankets (known as handira) in Red Thread Souk.  This is a huge savings!  And the exotic beauty of these pieces is truly awe inspiring.  {Fresh stock of incredible sequined flatweaves or kilims are especially enchanting}.

Take a peek:

  Red Thread Souk carpet 1

Red Thread Souk carpet 12

Red Thread Souk carpet 7

Red Thread Souk carpet 14

Red Thread Souk carpet 3

Red Thread Souk carpet 13

Red Thread Souk carpet 11

Red Thread Souk carpet 4

Red Thread Souk carpet 10

Red Thread Souk carpet 2

Check out all my stock right here.  And take advantage of the free shipping while it lasts!

            your friend in an olive grove in Marrakesh,


PS I also offer a payment plan if there is something you love but can't afford to pay all just yet!  

Marrakesh: and a tale of exciting news & fun updates

Dear friends,

Just back from Spain and thought I’d fill you in on some news & updates in my world.

A story I did on contemporary designers (interiors, fashion, and jewelry) in Marrakech is out in the August/September issue of American Craft magazine.  What a fun story to write! A big thank you to editor Andrew Zoellner.

American Craft Magazine
Apartment Therapy featured this blog in a piece on how to prepare for a trip overseas.  Are you planning a trip sometime soon?  Then check it out here.  Thank you Dabney Frake for including me and hope you enjoyed your time in Morocco!

Just completed 6 days of training at New You BootCamp  outside Malaga – it was grueling but I am so glad to have done it.  According to my scale, I lost 3 pounds and according to my tape measure, I lost a total of 3 inches off of my waist, hips and bust.   But more importantly, I feel fitter and better. Many thanks to the New You staff, especially the amazing Physical Trainers, Evans, Chris, and Todd! 

{Check out these impressive tattoos from trainer Chris. He's the sweetest brute you'll ever meet!}

New You BootCamp
So excited to be in the Summer issue of Cake and Whiskey magazine! Cake and Whiskey is a new women’s business magazine (print and online), sponsored by the likes of Cartier and Citi. If you are a business woman or would like to be, it’s very well worth subscribing  to.  You can get 25% off your subscription with the code MM25.  I’m flattered to be part of their Coterie --a band of six who will provides succinct advice/thoughts in every issue this year. 

  Blog Cake and Whiskey

Our Peacock, Maurice, and our Peahen, Persephone, are the proud parents of two new baby peachicks!  Adorable! We're taking suggestions for names and favoring those of the classic French and British variety.  What do you have for us?

Peachicks at Peacock Pavilions
        With love,

        Maryam in (very hot) Marrakesh

PS Some gorgeous new stock of Moroccan wedding blankets or handira in Red Thread Souk.  Take a peek here.

Marrakesh: and a tale of appearing on the Travel Channel's Street Eats show

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a foodie.  My husband is happy with a bowl of cereal (for dinner!) but that would never do for me.  However, clearly, good food doesn't necessarily mean the fancy variety, and I've always been a lover of street food.  So I was happy to be asked to be on the Travel Channel's Street Eats episode in Morocco.  

Here's a little clip taken on the fly. {That's my daughter and former Peacock Pavilions' colleague Stephanie Alman with me.} 

Would love ot hear if you think eating street food in a foreign country is a No-No! Or do you dig in with abandon?

PS New and gorgeous stock of Moroccan wedding blankets known as handiras in Red Thread Souk.  Take a peek if you have a minute!