A tale of a super power

Dear friends,

It’s been a journey.  It’s been a lifetime.  It’s been 29 days. 

Yes, it’s been 29 days since I launched Agent GirlPower, my feminist fashion label.  I have learned so much in that time. Lessons that I could never have learned in any class or at any school.  It’s been a crash course in the best and worst of me.  It’s been a tale of anticipation and perseverance.  It’s been thrilling. But it’s also been disappointing.  I have seen such generosity from so, so many, and for that I am forever grateful.  But the truth is that the road ahead of me is long.  Am I smart enough? Am I capable enough to make this work? 

It’s the very last hours of my Kickstarter campaign for Agent GirlPower.  I would still love your support!  Please consider clicking over  and seeing the feminist apparel on offer.  If not for you, perhaps for your daughter, friend, or colleague?  Or perhaps for your boyfriend or husband (the Equality Hoodie is unisex!)?  You can see it all right here

With love,

Maryam in Marrakech

Marrakech: and a tale of a revealing

Dear friends,

It’s International Women’s Day.  If you are a woman, this day is for you, for me, for us.  Together.  Yes, one day alone seems paltry and shadowy thin.  But it’s a start. 

Today is also the launch of my new brand, Agent GirlPower, the Arab world’s first feminist fashion brand.  Perhaps Agent GirlPower is a way of making International Women’s Day more than just one day.  Making it an every day.  A way of investing in a belief of who we are as women, and the way we see the world: strong, confident, and ready to step up to the front lines together.  Because it will take a movement to bring about the changes we need when it comes to equality.  Yes?

Let me give you a glimpse into what I am trying to create.

If this inspired you somehow, please click through HERE and see what’s on offer.  I’d be so grateful for your support.



PS  Is Agent GirlPower a crazy dream?  Perhaps yes.  But what I know is this.  Inside each and every one of us is a crazy dream.  The belief in possibility.  The grasping for something higher and brighter and better.  Here’s to that dream for all of us.