Marrakech: and a tale of a chandelier

I grew up with things that were ethnic, I grew up with things that were tribal, I grew up with things that made people furrow their brows.  There were hookahs from Iran, there were breastplates from Kenya, there were crosses from Ethiopia.  It was a strange and curious house filled with strange and curious things.

Those sorts of things fill my own home today.  I seek them out, I covet them, I collect them.  But sometimes I want things that are different.  Glamorous things.  Things that sparkle and catch the light. 

I bought one of those things recently.





Italian, 60+ years old, found in the Marrakech souks (where else?).  Now strung up from a ladder in my bedroom like some kind of art installation.  Waiting to be hung in a place where I can look up and see it overhead.   Do you have chandeliers in your home?