bohemian chic

Morocco: and a tale of how to set a bohemian chic table

I love to throw a #tribalchic parties at Peacock Pavilions and Spring and Summer are the perfect seasons to add color and pattern.  I snip branches of bougainvillea from the garden and add them to the overhead lighting.

Roses from the garden are nestled into ceramic Moroccan tea glasses.  My own embroidered peacock feather napkins (coming to my souk soon!) add a stylish graphic touch.

The major splash of color and pattern comes from the table cloth.  Each of these long lengths of tribal fabric are one of a kind and hand dyed.  They can be used in so many ways - on beds, tables and for canopies!

I add a custom nameplate, candles and scatter bougainvillea on the table for yet another color layer.  

Let the party begin!

Free shipping on these gorgeous textiles until May 15!  $10 from every sale benefits Project Soar.  Maybe it's time for your own gypsy chic party?

Images by talented Natalie Opocensky