black Moroccan wedding blanket

Marrakech Morocco: and a tale of a Femina Magazine fashion shoot at Peacock Pavilions

When architect Chris and I were designing and building Peacock Pavilions, we knew that we wanted it to be a place that was very personal and intimate.  We wanted it to feel not like a hotel at all but rather like staying at a {stylish} friend's house in Marrakesh.  The idea was for guests to be surrounded with unusual objects, with one-of-a-kind textiles and of course, with lots of texture and pattern.  Not luxurious in that cold way but rather, charming, special, and "worth it" because of the warm feeling that it gave you. 

In that vein, my hope has always been that Peacock Pavilions would have a legacy.  Project Soar is a part of that, of course, allowing guests to participate and interact with their surroundings in a caring way. But beyond that, I hoped to create a place that would become a part of the memory of its guests and that later on that there would be pictures to look at and to remember. 

It all goes by so fast, doesn't it, this life of ours?  It's nice to have evidence that it is and, later on, that it was. When I see photos that others have taken of Peacock Pavilions, I see it through their eyes and with their perspective and I live it myself, in a new way. 

I thought I'd share a few images from the first photo spread from the Femina fashion shoot at Peacock Pavilions.  We were all so very excited when this beautiful Swedish magazine chose our place for its Spring fashion shoots.

Model Ingrid Wrisley is so sublime and photographer Helene Linsjo captured her so perfectly.  Of course, it helps that the clothes picked out by talented fashion editor Sarah Thornqvist are so cool.  I want them all!

  Femina Mag shot at Peacock Pavilions 1

Femina Mag shot at Peacock Pavilions 2

Femina Mag shot at Peacock Pavilions 3


Femina Mag shot at Peacock Pavilions 7

Femina Mag shot at Peacock Pavilions 8
Femina Mag shot at Peacock Pavilions 6

Femina Mag shot at Peacock Pavilions 4
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