Marrakesh: and a tale of friendships

I was thinking about friendships.  How complex they are and how fragile.  How they must be treated with respect.  I think that the best friendships are a give and take.  They aren't a give-give-give or a take-take-take.  There's some sort of equilibrium.

I long for friends.  Very much.  But recently I find myself questioning some of my friendships -- worried about hidden agendas and saddened by slights.  I’ve been finding solid ground in those friendships that date back years.  But yet I crave new friends with new intimacies and new sharing.  And so I wonder how to best navigate through this place that I’m in. 

I would love to hear your advice or stories of your own friendships.

These two friends have known each other almost since birth and were delivered by the same doctor.

Here they are comparing the doctor's belly button technique:-)

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