Stephanie Von Watzdorf

Marrakech: the universe and a tale of so nice media mentions

Dear friends,

It has been a bad, sad, and not-so-good couple of weeks. Let's just say that I've had disappointments.  {The kind that totally threw me for a loop and took my breath away.} 

But you know how when things go wrong, the universe intervenes and tries to make things right? 

Because in addition to the bad, sad and not-so-good news, I have had the good, very good and even-a-little-bit-great news.  Speaking of which, a few media shout outs in my world... 

There were three (!) very kind media mentions due to the uber-talented Stephanie Von Watzdorf of global chic brand, Figue.  Stephanie is a favorite friend and client.  I couldn't be more excited about her new store in Soho!  I shrieked when I saw my name mentioned in yesterday's Women's Wear Daily as the contributing interior designer for the Figue store's look and feel. (And yes, those are copies of my book, Marrakesh by Design on the shelf!)

Figue boutique
I am also so happy to see Peacock Pavilions in the September issue of Zink Magazine!  And even closer to my heart is the mention of my little non-profit association, Project Soar, that benefits girls between the ages of 6-12 in my Moroccan village.  Many thanks to adorable writer, Ariane Marder and photographer Christine Johnson!

Zink cover0713_ZINK 01

0713_ZINK 02

Also, it's ridiculously thrilling to see my shop, Red Thread Souk, as well as Peacock Pavilions mentioned in the September Harper's Bazaar (pinch me!)!  

Harpers Cover


Finally, loved seeing this super nice review of Peacock Pavilions in The Independent!  Thank you, thank you Sarah Gilbert!


{And thank you, universe.  You always know how to pick me up when I'm feeling down.  I won't soon forget the lessons you send my way -- bad, good, and somewhere in between.}

love from an olive grove in Marrakesh,


New York: and a tale of a Figue photoshoot

No, I havn't been in Marrakesh, or in Fez, or in Cairo or in Kabul.  

I've been in New the Hamptons.............with talented friend, client and designer of Figue, Stephanie Von Watzdorf.

You see, there was a Figue photo shoot and I went along.  

There were the loveliest jewels that Stephanie has collected one by one over her travels.

Figue 3
Figue 1
And the prettiest Figue pom pom shoes....

And ravishing loot that had no name but that Stephanie had procured or designed.....

Figue 2
Beaded Figue clutches, lined up one after another....

Figue 4
Including this hand sequined bag that I bought for myself!  

Figue 10

And of course, there were the amazing handmade Figue clothes.....{The vintage, embellished military jackets were my favorite}


Model Sonya was set to arrive.....{She had a heart and an exclamation point near her beautiful face.....}

Figue 5
There was hair....

Figue 6
And there was make up.....

Figue 13
And styling in earnest.....

Figue 12
And really Sonya was gorgeous in a way that was frankly bewildering....

Figue 11
The cameramen had their equipment and were ready......

Figue 7
And finally the shoot began......

Figue 8
So so beautiful.....but you'll have to wait to see for yourself.  In the meantime, check out Figue's gorgeous goodies right here.


PS I took these photos with my new iphone!  So fun.  Pls give me any tips you may have....I am learning.