Shay Mitchell

Marrakech, Morocco: and a tale of Shay Mitchell at Peacock Pavilions & with Project Soar

This Spring has been full of surprises.  One of them was hanging out with the adorable Pretty Little Liars Actress Shay Mitchell.

We spent some time at Peacock Pavilions.  Of course, Shay matched the decor.  

I was thrilled when Shay did a blog post that included Peacock Pavilions.  You can check it out here.  

Shay also did a lot of shopping at the M.Montague Souk, including for the gorgeous black sequinned wedding blanket I designed and matching black sequinned cushions, as well as my own eye cushions, a red sequined kilim, a classic Moroccan wedding blanket, peacock hooks that I designed, my book, Marrakesh by Design, and quite a few other items! Pinch me!

Perhaps most importantly, Shay demonstrated her big heart.  She is a champion for underprivileged women and girls worldwide.  Accordingly, she came to activities of Project Soar, the non-profit organization I founded to support underserved girls in Marrakech.  Her words were so inspiring to the Project Soar girls!  

Shay  did a little video of her time in Morocco, including at Peacock Pavilions and Project Soar (as well as the shopping we did together in Marrakech!).  

In even more fun news, I did a guest post for Shay on her blog on how to throw a Moroccan cocktail party, with recipes and decor. Take a peek and throw your own party!