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Manhattan: and a tale of Scout Designs

When it comes to design and interiors, I always value interest over beauty.  I am drawn to artifacts {with their hidden histories} and to curiosities {with their strange tales}.  I like unexpected juxtapositions and intrigue.  And I like details. I am happy when people pick up things and say, What is that?  Because really, life is too short to keep seeing the same old thing. 

I decorate Peacock Pavilions myself.  But if I were to hire a firm to do that, the place that comes to mind is Scout Designs, run by Nicki Clendening and Callie Jenschke. These two have a fantastic and very personal design aesthetic.  And it's no surprise {to me} that they're drawn to ethnic details and items from farflung shores.   I also confess to having asked them if they would, Please be my best friends. {Ahem, I'm still waiting in line with several others on that request.}  Because honestly, they're just that cool.

Whenever I'm in New York, we spend some time together.  Here is Nicki in her beautiful appartment in Harlem.

And Callie 


And more importantly, here is some of their work.

LizBanfeld1 Photo credit: Liz Banfield


Photo credit: Liz Banfield


Learn more about Scout Designs and Callie and Nickie

Scout Designs
And take a peek at their blog, Scouting and their shop, Mercantile.


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