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Marrakech Morocco: and a tale of the things I learnt in 2015

Marrakech Morocco: and a tale of the things I learnt in 2015

As the year gets ready to close and be gone forever, I have been trying to take time to reflect, process and learn from 2015.  So here are some of the best things that I incorporated into my routine in 2015

The Do Good World: and a tale of Raven & Lily Fall Catalogue

The Do Good World: and a tale of Raven & Lily Fall Catalogue

Here's the thing, there are the people who talk about helping others.  And then there are the people who actually do.  Because the talking part is easy and the doing part is harder.  

When it comes to the new modern tribeRaven & Lily sets the bar high for others.  This brand makes beautiful clothes and jewelry by employing marginalized women in India, Ethiopia, Kenya, Cambodia, Pakistan, and the USA at fair trade wages, giving them access to safe jobs and a real chance to to break the cycle of poverty for themselves and their families.  

Peacock Pavilions in Marrakesh: and a tale of inspirations

Feeling inspired by many things at Peacock Pavilions these days.  Here's a few:

Talismanic hands of Fatima from a favorite jeweler

Jewels Hand of Fatima photographed by Maryam

Some new bones and Simon Winchester's book on skulls (interesting, perhaps, for only the most ardent skull enthusiasts).

Peacock Pavilions bones and skull book

A collection of antique embroidered Moroccan bags from Khalid Art Gallery.

Khalid Art Gallery bags

A new chair covered by a Moroccan wedding blanket.

Peacock Pavilions chair

One of the most beautiful design books that I own, The Divine Home by Peter Vitale.

The Divine Home photographed by Maryam Montague

A new but old Moroccan carpet from Red Thread Souk for my dining room.  Can you see that I have also upholstered my chairs in Moroccan rugs, too?

Carpet from Red Thread Souk

Collections of odds & ends everywhere.  Here some entomology pins from Merchant & Mills, a packet of gold sequins from Figue, a notebook from my friends at Imperial Black, and photography by Alexis de Vilar. I bought the wood arrow in South Africa.

Vignette by Maryam Montague

My family peacock, Maurice, at Peacock Pavilions. I'm still in awe of his splendour.  Really.

Maurice peacock at Peacock PavilionsWhat's inspiring you these days?  I want to know.

Peacock Pavilions in Marrakesh: a tale of what you need and what you want

Sometimes you put off the things that you might need…the new car, the juicer, the life insurance, the pair of sneakers.

Yes, you postpone the useful things…the microwave oven, the briefcase, the additional hangers, the waterproof boots.

You lay those aside:  the things you might need, the useful things….

And instead you get the thing that you want….

Peacock Pavilions flowers

Just for the peace, just for the beauty. 

Just for the few minutes when you forget all that is expected of you and all you must do. 

Peacock Pavilions pond

The outdoor pond at Peacock Pavilions in Marrakech.  Serving no practical purpose….no practical purpose at all……


PS New stock of the very prettiest Moroccan wedding blankets in Red Thread Souk.  Treat yourself to something you'll enjoy every single day.  (The cushions are so nice, too.)