Project Soar Marrakesh

Marrakesh, Morocco: and a tale of Project Soar & doing a little good

Dear friends,

We've been busier than ever at my little non-profit organization Project Soar.  We now serve over 50 underprivileged girls, as well as a community of 350 families!  

A while back we cast our net even farther to partner with the Chevrolet-sponsored effort, One World Futbol.  We distributed 200 of their amazing indestructible soccer balls to young people in 52 local government communes.  To add to the fun, One World Futbol, shot a little video of some of the Project Soar girls getting in on the soccer action.  I was traveling on assignment but my Project Soar colleague Michelle Hirschfield and our Project Soar coach Sana Touhtene share our mission and some of the day's excitement in this video.  Please take a moment to watch! Yay for girl power!

On another front, Project Soar is collaborating with the big-hearted and oh-so-stylish menswear company, Imperial Black on a collection of products.  So excited to report that the Montague 10 in white linen (swoon) is out!

Montague 10 shirt

 This linen -- Italian, of course -- is so fine, it literally feels like a christening gown.  And in white it's absolutely indispensable in any man's wardrobe.  A perfect staple for sultry summer nights.   Get the Montague 10 for your guy (or for yourself) and feel great about doing good while getting something super chic!


    xo from an olive grove in Marrakesh,


PS Want to help Project Soar?  You can!  Check this out here.  Or email me and let's talk!

Marrakesh Morocco: and a tale of Project Soar and doing good

Dear friends,

It's officially Summer and there has been so much going on here with Project Soar, our non-profit organization that seeks to uplift underprivileged communities through art, design and movement.   A little news roundup!

Melanie and Project Soar

*  We have been hosting some super fun activities for the Project Soar girls every Sunday at Peacock Pavilions!  Recent activities have included collage, skateboarding, singing and stenciling workshops.   Many thanks to all of our fantastic instructors.  We love you!   Here's an activity with Melanie of Royal Design Studio

* The adorable fellas of Imperial Black have come up with a Peacock Pavilion tie, with 10% of proceeds benefit Project Soar.  High five!  Check it out here.  

* There are still Peacock Pavilions pocket squares, available, too!  LOVE THESE.  Only $36 and you can feel great about your purchase that helps do something nice for underserved girls and families.

* Eat.Pray.Move is hosting new Give Back retreats at Peacock Pavilions!  You'll enjoy inspiring yoga, fantastic shopping, delicious cuisine, and meeting the Project Soar girls.  10% of profits will go to Project Soar.  Learn more here.  Here's Erin doing yoga with the girls!

SOAR yoga 0021 small

* Husband Chris just drove all the way to Rabat to buy a big trampoline for the girls of Project Soar.  None of the girls have ever been on a trampoline before -- you should see their faces as they bounce in the air.  Priceless!  

Chris IB shirt 1

* There are only 10 Montague shirts left at Imperial Black, with10% of proceeds benefitting Project Soar.  Get your shirt for your guy right here.  It's gorgeous and you'll be doing good at the same time!  Here's Chris wearing his Montague shirt. {so handsome, if I do say so myself}*A big thanks to Brandon Smith for including the Montague shirt in his new magazine here. So nice! 

* We have doubled the size of our basketball court/play area for the Project Soar girls.  Recent clients bought tether balls and jump ropes for the girls.  Yay for play!

* We took the Project Soar girls on their first field trip!  We went to the Gallery Tindouf to see the exhibit of Tahar Ben Jelloun.  This was the first time ever for all of the girls visiting a gallery or museum (and the first time for many in a bus)!  Many thanks to the talented Hadia Temli of the Gallery Tindouf who arranged exclusive Sunday access, gave a talk, and provided each girl an exhibit book.  We are grateful also to Time Tours for sponsoring transportation.


Project Soar collaborated with One World Futboland distributed 200 indestructible soccer balls to 52 villages in our local government commune.  It made a lot of kids very happy. Go team!  Here are the Project Soar girls getting in on the action.


* Did you know that Peacock Pavilions is the Do-Good hotel in Marrakesh?  10% of our profits go to financing Project Soar (last year it was more than 20%!).  If you are planning on coming to Marrakesh, think about staying at Peacock Pavilions -- the stylish design B&B that cares.  Come see for yourself what we are talking about. 

            Your friend in an olive grove in Marrakesh,


            {Project Soar President}

PS Would you like to help Project Soar?  You can!  Are you a designer who would like to create a product with a portion of the proceeds benefiting Project Soar?  Or might you be coming to Marrakesh and like to donate a brand new pair of sneakers (for girls ages 4-14) or new art supplies? Alternatively, could you  contribute to a wash station for the girls so that they an take the health education we give them and help put it into action? Or perhaps you could host a little fundraiser at your house by making a lasagna, watching the Project Soar film and asking each person to donate $25?  Yes, yes, yes, and yes:-) 

It's in our power -- yours and mine -- to care and make a difference.  We can do it together!  Join the Project Soar Nation and be a better world neighbor.  Email me at and let's talk.  Or make a donation here. You know you'll feel better if you do and not just click away from this page. {Thank you!}

Marrakesh, Morocco: and a tale of Project SOAR

I grew up with a father who was one of those secular believers of doing good simply because it was, well, good. That’s all. There were no religious brownie points.  There was no reward in the afterlife or, in fact, in this life either.  As far as my father was concerned, the best kind of doing good was the kind where you did not make a fuss and draw attention to yourself.  Rather, you quietly did what you could to help and were thankful to do so. 

My Dad's a tough act to follow but he's a big part of why I rarely talk about my 20+ year job in humanitarian aid on this blog.

Nonetheless, in the spirt of my last blog post, I did want to share with you something I have been working on with a group of others for the last 18 months.  It's called Project SOAR.  And it's a social experiment and an affair of the heart.  

I could tell you but it's so much easier to show you.

In this busy world of ours, it's hard to find good ways to help others -- ways that are constructive and worth our time.  I truly believe Project Soar is one of those ways.  

I would love your help.  I would love your kind heart.  Please take a minute on the Project Soar website to learn more about what you can do.  You can make a difference.

    Thank you.


Marrakesh: and a tale of Swatchroom and Project Soar

Dear Friends,

I'm hitting the road.  I'm leaving for the US tomorrow.  I'll be in Washington, DC & New York for work & fun.  While I am in DC, I'll be attending this event on March 7 and 8 organized by my uber-talented pals at Swatchroom!



There will be live painting, live music & live performance art.  There will also be some incredible art for sale and an amazing crowd! A portion of proceeds go to Project Soar Marrakesh, a cause so very close to my heart.  {If you don't know about Project Soar, I can't wait to tell you more.  If you do know, then you know it's a project that's all heart, benefitting underprivileged girls in my Moroccan village.}

Come and join me on March 7 & 8 if you are in the DC area!  Find out more here.

I hope to see you there!  


your friend in an olive grove,