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Marrakech: and a tale of Peacock Pavilions in the news

 You know, it wasn't a fairy tale building Peacock Pavilions.  To the contrary. There were disasters.  

There was the contractor who spent all of our money, leaving us with a building site only a third complete. There was not one, but two mortgages.  There were our retirement funds cashed in in their entirety because we didn't know what else to do.  There was a foreign government who wouldn't issue us permits for reasons we couldn't understand.  There was a building crew that spoke a different language than we did.  There were windows put in upside down and staircases torn out because they were wrong, all wrong.  

Yes, there were bodies strewn in the wake of the making of this dream of ours.  There was depression.  There was a desperate wringing of hands, over and over and yes, over again.  

So remember....Peacock Pavilions wasn't made from fairy dust but from a mixture of hardship and folly. Don't let the pictures in the glossy magazines fool you.

And speaking of those.....

An 8 page feature in the February/March 2014 Elle Decoration, the Netherlands

PP Elle Decoration the Netherlands

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Thanks to Laura van der Linde for sending the images above our way.

My tips for Moroccan-style entertaining at Peacock Pavilions are on Lonny in March.  Check out the floor that was done by Melanie Royals and her team.  My inspiration for that project was African wax resist patterns on cloth. See the Lonny story here.  

Lonny Mag Maryam Montague entertaining

Images by Patrick Cline

Peacock Pavilions is mentioned in Vogue Italia this month as a great place to stay in Marrakesh:-) Take a peek at the story (in Italian) right here.  Many thanks to Alessandra Turci.

PS It's finally Spring time in Marrakech. Sometimes the Spring is all the more beautiful when the winter has been especially cold, yes? Hope you are managing to thaw out wherever you are.