Cairo: and a tale of jewelry

I was already late for my plane to Cairo, when she turned her head from the monitor and said, We'll need to look in your bag.

 I was impatient as I opened it but she ignored my scowling.  She lifted the large zippered mesh pouch  out of my bag.  Jewelry?  she asked.  Yes, I replied.  She smiled at me then and said, You're all set.

And I sort of was. 


 Rings from Bouvier.

IMG_4172Bronze fish ring bought in Cairo.

IMG_4159Earring from Bouvier.

IMG_4136Earrings from Azza Fahmy.

IMG_4134Ring from Azza Fahmy.

IMG_4154Bracelets from Bouvier.

IMG_4168Woven silver bracelet from Orijyn




Necklace from Mallory May (I covet the gold version, too.)


Vintage Moroccan earrings bought in the souks.

PS Which one is your favorite?

PPS It's gotten so confusing in the blog world hasn't it? But if you're wondering, no, I don't make a penny if you click on these links. These are all pieces that I genuinely love and wear.  

Morocco: and a tale of tribal jewelry

I have always admired those fine chains, those delicate bands, those feminine studs.  I have always thought pretty, pretty at the single diamond solitaire twinkling at the hollow of the neck.  I recognize the light-as-a-feather bangle paired with the watch, and understand the demure pearls clasped on the ears.  So discreet, so elegant, so mother-approved.  Evidence of sweet avowals of love on appropriate occasions.  Lovely, lovely. 

 Yes, I have always admired that approach.  Always.  

 But as for me…that is another matter altogether.  

The piles of bracelets, the multiple rings, the earrings that reach my shoulders.  The talismans, the amulets, the gris-gris purchased in Turkish boutiques or Yemeni outposts or in Lao online shops.  The chunky, the tribal, the mysterious.  That’s what I wear.  Yes, that’s what I wear every day.  




IMG_2948[1] IMG_2651[1]


Some of my favorite ethnic chic jewellers: 


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PS Tell me the tales of your jewelry. I'd love to hear.