New York designer Marrakech

Marrakech: and a tale of Designers Martin Raffone & Bill McIntosh's courtyard house cocktails

Yes, they have an apartment in New York and spend a month each year in St. Barts. And yes they take care of clients in Hong Kong while sourcing art in Barcelona.  

But best yet......they have a courtyard house, hundreds of years old, smack in the middle of the Marrakech medina or old city.  They renovated it from oceans away because that's what one does when you're New York designers Martin Raffone & Bill McIntosh, right?  

And now the renovation is all done.........And it's time for a little cocktail party with gin nestled among the roses. 


More roses in the kitchen (right next to Peacock Pavilions own olive oil).


Here I am with adorable Martin.

And here's Bill. (Check him out without a beard here - ridiculously handsome.)

There were swanky French locals at this cocktail party (ah yes, the kind married to former French TV stars, bien sûr.)


And as for the courtyard house itself.......... New York ethnic chic.....  But I can only give you a sneak peek  (just in case a design magazine wants to shoot it this very week.)

Did I mention that I got home at 2am?  Just a cocktail or two.....?


PS What about you?  Can you imagine buying a courtyard house in Marrakesh?