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Marrakech: and a tale of beautiful Moroccan Design in Architectural Digest

A little Moroccan beauty, a little Marrakesh serenity, a little Red City inspiration....Such a lovely way to start off the week, courtesy of Architectural Digest.  A private 18th century riad oasis deep in the city.....


Architectural Digest, former home of Chilean artist, Claudio Bravo.  Renovated by Ahmad Sardar-Afkhami.  Photography by Simon Upton

Marrakech: and a tale of a girl with violet eyes

She wasn't sure, really
if she could pull it off.

Maryam Montague for Raven and Lilly
The violet, the violet eyes.

Maryam Montague for Raven and Lilly 4
Maybe it was too much.

Maryam Montague for Raven and Lilly 5
But sometimes....sometimes too much...


is just enough. 

Is just enough.

Model: Fatima
Hair & Makeup: Tiffany Schwedland
Photographer: Me
Shot behind the scenes at the Raven and Lily shoot at Peacock Pavilions

Speaking of makeup, these are recent purchases: this nail polish, this face palette, and this eyeshadow.


PS   Saddened by this tale of a girl blogger and the Taliban
       Worried about this NY Times editorial about Mitt Romney
        Hoping that the next US President will take on these issues.
        Listening to Mindy Gledhill. (She just sang 3 songs at Peacock Pavilions.)

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Marrakech's Peacock Pavilions: and more tales from Morocco

You see, in the beginning, I was just a girl living with my family in an olive grove in Marrakech.

But now.....I'm a girl connected to the whole world by a blog. 

I wonder about that really -- how this blog has changed so many things for me.  Made so many things better.  And one of the very very best things has been the people I have met along the way. 

Julie from the blog Alkaline Sisters was one of the lovely women at Holly's fab decor8 retreat at Peacock Pavilions. She has an inspiring story of how she healed herself through changing her diet.

Here are some of the images that she took at Peacock Pavilions.

Julie's photos
See more beautiful photos of Peacock Pavilions and Marrakech on Julie's blog right here, including a yummy Moroccan recipe!

Marrakech: and a tale of wine tasting at Peacock Pavilions B&B

It was in my dining room at Peacock Pavilions.  The wine tasting, the Moroccan wine tasting. All reds.  The bottles huddled covered in a corner, waiting, anonymous.

Wine 6

And then the bottles were spread out, one by one.  And the guests came in.

Wine 1

Wine was poured, each bottle in its turn.

Wine 2

Alex, our star Peacock Pavilions intern was in charge.  His many months on a French vineyard came in handy.  We all learned a thing or two about wine -- how to peer at it, smell it, taste it.  Then we scored each of the wines on specially prepared Peacock Pavilions cards. 

We drank and then we drank more.  But there were canapes to make sure that we didn't drink ourselves silly. (Cough)

Wine 3

And then it was time for the big reveal.   Which wines had been scored highest? Which were the best value?

Wine 4
Oh there were surprises!

Wine 5

And in the end all that were left were the wines, revealed of all their secrets.  The one that came in 6th place, looked down right embarrassed.....

Wine 7
PS After 3 months, it's our last day with Star Intern Alex.  Sniff.  We loved having you, Alex, and are so grateful for all your help.  So now I'd like to raise my glass to you.  Best of luck doing whatever it is that lawyers do in London.  You are always welcome at Peacock PavilionsAlways.