Morocco instagram

Morocco: and a tale of {finally} on Instagram

{Sigh} I'm a late bloomer, behind the 8 ball, last to the party. But yes, I'm finally on Instagram. It' a little behind the scenes look at my day-to-day life, all taken with my iphone.....Family, friends, travel, food. Love.

Here glimpses of last week, spent at the beach in Mirleft, Morocco.

My MARRAKESH instagram 1

My  husband, Chris, and his pink surfboard.

My son, Tristan and his board.

A bestie and me:-) 


And yes, I even did a little video!  Cough, don't mind my singing.

So, come visit me here, on Instagram and follow along if you'd like.  

PS Are you on Instagram?  Do you have recommendations of lovely feeds to follow?  I'd love your advice.