Moroccan parties

Marrakech: and a tale of an amazing Moroccan party. Part 2

After the dancing down the red carpet, we followed a woman in a boa, through the gardens and down a winding path.  Until we came to Geraldine and David's fantastic house in the Beldi Country Club. 

In their garden was the ultimate outdoor Moroccan dining scene.

Ahem, some men were only partially clad.  I averted my eyes, of course.

I even spied the adorable host, David, with a plate and a gorgeous turban.

Naturally, I also spied a man in a bra and sari.  But that's another matter altogether.


But he was not alone in his jaw dropping attire.

Under the disco lights, intriguing chatting was going on everywhere.

  P27  P12

Did I mention the music? 

A few people trickled onto the dance floor.

Everyone showing off their favorite moves.


There were even astonishing performances (She says sweating.)

Soon the dance floor was packed.

I even spotted the darling hostess Geraldine in a platinum wig, sunglasses, and shorts.  Looking so fabulous!


And I was on the dance floor, too!  (Cough, perhaps best not to show you a picture of that. )

Really, it was all too too much fun.  It was late, very  late when we followed a man in shiny harem pants and left. 


 When I looked back over my shoulder, the birthday boy was still partying. 

Happy anniversary Geraldine & David.  Happy Birthday David.  Pls turn 40 again very soon......

Marrakech: and a tale of a Hollywood/Bollywood party to remember. Part 1

I had met them accidentally.  French, charming, stylish...the kind of people you want to know. That was months ago and there had been meet ups since then, including a dinner in the embroidered tent at Peacock PavilionsGeraldine's Moroccan pique-nique chic  and a soiree at designer Corinne Bensimon's house.

It was during one of those get togethers that I had heard about it.  The party.  Oh, it was to be a party unlike other parties -- a Hollywood/Bollywood extravaganza.  David was turning 40 and it was their 10th wedding anniversary, too.  Friends were flying in from everywhere to celebrate. 

I was in Egypt on assignment but told my travel agent to make sure I would be back in time.  I didn't want to miss it, you see. 

And so this is the tale of that night, that unforgettable night.


To start, I dressed for trouble.  I was assuming there would some of that.  And I was right. 

Maryam at Party

When we arrived, the party was already in full swing. A red carpet runway had been set up in the garden.  This was the very first thing that I saw ....

 That was followed by this.


oh. my. Seeing me wide-eyed, this handsome fellow asked if a gin and tonic would be in order.  

And so I sipped.  And side-by-side with this beauty..........

I go go girls mixed wiith turbaned princes. 

All lit by Moroccan lantern light.......

everybody looked, well, amazing, if a little, ummm.....


crazy (in the best possible way, of course....)

 And then the whole party moved to an entirely different location.  And it all became yet more fantastical.  But that's another tale for another day.

To be continued.