Moroccan lanterns

Marrakesh: and a tale of lucky, lucky

Dear friends,

Some fun things are happening here:

* So excited to be giving tips on some favorite Marrakesh places in the November issue of Travel & Leisure Magazine!


*I was lucky enough to spend the day shopping in Marrakesh with the uber-talented Lily Cooper (also known as Lily Allen).  She bought some gorgeous things including Moroccan carpets, Moroccan lanterns, Moroccan poufs, embroideries, and more.  (I love her album and this song of hers, in particular.)

Lily Allen and Maryam Montague

* It's so fun to have the amazing guitarist of the Dandy Warhols staying with us at Peacock Pavilions (along with his super cool wife, Michelle).  I'm crazy about this provocative song of theirs and their album.  

* My Dad, Joel Montague, has donated one of his outsider art collections to the Fowler Museum.  It will be on exhibit from December 2, 2012–March 31, 2013.  If you're in LA, please stop by. I'm so proud of him!




PS So touched by this blog post by Raven and Lily about their stay and photoshoot at Peacock Pavilions.

PPS The darling Heart and Home Magazine editors are doing a give away of my book, Marrakesh by Design.  Enter here.

Morocco: and a tale of Moroccan lanterns

It's been years.  But I still succumb to their beauty.  every. single. time. 

My Marrakesh blog 023

Moroccan lanterns.

 My Marrakesh blog 011

Glasses and lights 017

Made with the tiniest saw blades, with the most careful chisels, with the most precise hammers.  Made by master craftsmen with the most patient hands.  

 My Marrakesh blog 021

These are no ordinary lights.  Oh no.  This is ambiance hanging from a chain -- the streams of light, tattooing the walls, the ceiling, the floor. 


16 patterned shadow at Tanjia 408


So you can buy those Ikea lights, those plastic globes, those prefab sconces.  Or you can buy.... Moroccan magic.

 My Marrakesh blog 025

I side with magic every time.


PS There is a Moroccan shopping resource section in my book.  So you can have some Moroccan magic of your very own.