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Marrakech Restaurants: a tale of where to eat {part one: Medina/Old City}

Marrakech Restaurants: a tale of where to eat {part one: Medina/Old City}

After wandering the shadowy souks, bartering for tea glasses, and avoiding the path of anything with wheels, chances are you're hungry. Whether you're looking for French cuisine or to eat your weight in couscous, Marrakech has all the culinary culture your stomach could desire...

Marrakech: and a tale of Geraldine's chic Moroccan picnic

Oh they were French.  But of course.  And so the invitation for a Moroccan pique-nique chic made perfect sense.  (The French do that sort of thing -- an ordinary old picnic simply won't do.) 

And so it was that we packed ourselves into the car and up up we went to the lake outside of Marrakech.  It was hot, oh very hot, but a cool breeze made it's way through the trees.  

And when we arrived....... a sea of Moroccan carpets greeted us, along with a vintage trunk filled to the brim with straw hats.   A hat for each  -- so thoughtful.

G2 trunk

We set our baskets down and aimed to stay for a good long while. 

G7 basket

Drinks were served from a bar covered with Moroccan tumblers.  Pretty, so pretty.

G1 wine

Soon there were platters of freshly prepared Moroccan good-ness.  We took our earthenware plates.....

G3 plates
and it was heaping after heaping.

G4 food
As for the Moroccan picnic ambiance.........?  Ooh-la-la, Geraldine outdid herself.......!

Did I mention dessert?   Fruit slices and macarons, bien sur. 

G5 desert
Followed by lounging

G11 lounging
and the climbing of branches.....

G10 tree
One last macaron..........

G8 Julie holding little boy
And all then all the hats went back into the trunk........

G9 hats
On the drive back home we secretly wondered when we might next receive an invitation for a Moroccan pique-nique chic.......Perhaps you'd like to have one?  Please let it be soon..........

PS I've left for Mali on assignment.  See you there:-)

Marrakech: and a tale of a shocking Moroccan lunch at Peacock Pavilions guesthouse

The Peacock painters found lunch at Peacock Pavilions apparently, well, shocking.

Maybe it was my silly stirrers from the 1960s (which include such gems as, Rearm the Venus de Milo, Unite against togetherness, Lower the age of Puberty and Down with Literasy)?

Judge for yourself.


 Tangy Moroccan carrot salad with cumin, garlic, and preserved lemon.

Sandwiches on homemade bread.


Smoky, oven roasted eggplant salad.

All served up on hand painted platters I bought in Tunisia when on assignment and carried back one by one (I'm a determined girl, if nothing else).