Moroccan decorating

Marrakesh: and a tale of Moroccan decorating at Peacock Pavilions

Marrakesh: and a tale of Moroccan decorating at Peacock Pavilions

I named it the Atlas Pavilion because it has a beautiful view of the snowy Atlas Mountains at 6 months a year.  But I think the interiors are memorable, too. I decorated the main salon with it's 22+ foot pyramid dome roof and catwalk with lots of color, using carpetscushions and poufs with liberal abandon.  I carried each of the lanterns back from Egypt. 

Marrakech: a tale of ethnic chic table setting in the Peacock Pavilions dining tent

I conjure up a lot of table settings at Peacock Pavilions in Marrakech and they don't have too much in common with the ones I see in Crate & Barrel catalogues.  Rather, they tend to follow my own brand of ethnic chic, which often involves goods procured in foreign lands mixed with wild abandon.  

Here the flowers from my own rose garden. {These roses smell sublime.}  My vases:  glass Spanish mineral water bottles.

Moroccan table settings at Peacock Pavilions in Marrakech 2

Add in a very long length of nomadic handmade, hand dyed fabric (which is actually Mauritanian dress, worn a bit like a sari). Indian dagmar votives.

Moroccan table setting at Peacock Pavilions 1

Place on top, hand carved lacy placemats/chargers from Indonesia. Custom embroidered peacock feather napkins.

Moroccan table setting at Peacock Pavilions 3

More pattern?  No problem. Bench cushions covered in the embroidery of the Moroccan city of Fez pattern. 

Moroccan table setting at Peacock Pavilions 4

Repeat in multiples, bien sur.

Moroccan table setting at Peacock Pavilions 5
Setting:  Arabian dining tent at Peacock Pavilions.

Moroccan table setting at Peacock Pavilions 6

If possible, add in guests traveling from Tokyo, France, Brazil and the US.

Moroccan table setting at Peacock Pavilions 7
When are you coming?


PS Amy, this post is for you. Thank you for the good juju you bring. xo

Marrakech boutique hotel: a tale of Moroccan decorating at Peacock Pavilions

I'm an accidental stylist.  A curator of odd and curious things from odd and curious places.  I've amassed them, I've grouped them, I've arranged them. None of them "goes with" anything else and yet, they're all together somehow.  I like surprising combinations.

Here's more of Peacock Pavilions, our quirky boutique hotel in Marrakech.  I hope you like it. I made it up as I went along, and we built it from scratch with love:-)

  Medina Pavilion salon
Enormous horseshoe Moroccan door (This shape is thought to have protective powers.), vintage molded plastic chair from Morocco's hippie days, Egyptian pin prick lanterns, vintage Australian tram roll, patchwork flatweave carpet with bits from Turkey and Iran. Salon, Atlas Pavilion.

Room of the Golden Gazelles Peacock Pavilions
Rabat embroidery Moroccan pillows, wall designed to spec by Melanie Royals and the Peacock Painters, vintage Yemeni nomadic lanterns.

Peacock Pavilions 37
Antique Moroccan handpainted muqarna with original gold leaf, vintage Persian tassels, chair from the Paris flea market. Medina Pavilion dining room.

Peacock Pavilions
Outdoor alcove entry to guestroom, covered in bougainvillea.

Peacock Pavilions medina salon Red vintage Persian carpet, old French Arab poster, vintage red Moroccan burnoose from the Atlas Mountains, handcarved old Moroccan coffee table, Moroccan stenciled fireplace, old amazonite Moroccan bowl from Tamgroute, assemblage vintage chandelier hanging from the dome, old Peacock cigarette sign found on ebay. Salon in Medina Pavilion.

Perhaps come and see for yourself?  Learn more right here.

Images by fab Peacock Pavilions intern, Katie O'Shaughnessy

Marrakech boutique hotel: a tale of Moroccan interior design and beyond at Peacock Pavilions

Here’s the thing:  I could try to woo you, I could try to tell you that it’s perfect, that it’s exactly as I would have wished.  I could tell you that I saw it all in my head, that it was part of some grand master plan and that – clever, clever girl that I am – I went out and made it all happen.  I could tell you that I shopped until I dropped, that I bought everything I wanted, that I paid no attention to the kaching at the cash register.

 But I would be lying. 

Because you see, there are no financiers, no backers, no investors at Peacock Pavilions.  There’s just a family in an olive grove in Marrakech, which looks at its bank balance every single month and sees what it can do.  And so it was that there were things --- many --- that I couldn’t have.  Yes, there was pining and there was longing and there was pleading with one's husband to please reconsider.  But, for the most part (except for a few shining moments, where caution was thrown to the wind) common sense prevailed.  Compromises – Oh, many – were made.

 But here’s the other thing, Peacock Pavilions………..well, it’s a story in objects.  A story of a family who took a risk, who made a gamble, who was determined to live a life that wasn’t so typical, even if it took them miles from anything that they had ever known.  And so it was, so it is, that Peacock Pavilions is a blue print for this journey.  A blue print of every place we’ve ever lived, every trip we’ve ever loved, every assignment we've ever been on.  Whether that’s Nepal or Namibia or Afghanistan or Iraq or Mali or Thailand or Guatamala……….it’s all there……at Peacock Pavilions

 I know you’re far away.  I know we’ve never met.  But please………let me show you ---at least a little -- my world that is Peacock Pavilions.

Dining room Peacock Pavilions
Vintage handpainted Moroccan Glaoui ceiling, glass Egyptian mosque lanterns, 200 year old Persian painting. Dining Room, Medina Pavilion, Peacock Pavilions.

Hooks of my own design
Handmade hooks that I designed myself for Peacock Pavilions. Hand embroidered towels.

Vase Peacock Pavilions
Handpainted Moroccan vase.  Bougainvillea from the Peacock Pavilions boutique hotel garden. Room of the Sufi Seamstress, Medina Pavilion.

Room of the Visual Voyager
Old ikat from Indonesia, vintage Moroccan wedding blanket cushions, turn of the century original French poster, 100 year old temple painting from Thailand (a gift from my father).  Room of the Visual Voyager, Medina Pavilion.

Room of the Moorish Muse 2

Mirrored console (we made it in the room!), custom sculpture by talented Caroline Douglas, vintage peacock chair, photograph of beautiful Berber girl.  Room of the Moorish Muse, Medina Pavilion.

Peacock Pavilions 84
Welcome Packet on a vintage Moroccan tray, antique betal leaf box from Bangladesh.

Oh, perhaps you'll come to our boutique hotel, Peacock Pavilions in Marrakech and see for yourself? The virutal world is amazing.  Real life is even better.............

All images by Katie O'Shaugnessy.