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Marrakech: and a tale of beautiful Moroccan Design in Architectural Digest

A little Moroccan beauty, a little Marrakesh serenity, a little Red City inspiration....Such a lovely way to start off the week, courtesy of Architectural Digest.  A private 18th century riad oasis deep in the city.....


Architectural Digest, former home of Chilean artist, Claudio Bravo.  Renovated by Ahmad Sardar-Afkhami.  Photography by Simon Upton

Marrakech: and a tale of a Moroccan ethnic chic Thanksgiving, African-style

So it was Thanksgiving and we were in Morocco, of course.  And rather than let the holiday slip away, leaving us with yet a more tenuous thread to the country from which we came............. we chose to celebrate with 20 friends and family.   

Our Thanksgiving theme was the Wilds of Africa.  {Because Morocco is in Africa, despite popularly confused opinion.}

This is a tale of how it went........  

We got to decorating the Arabian tent at Peacock Pavilions.  We gathered some of our crazy African loot.  

Moroccan Thanksgiving 7

African stools and old beads


Animal skulls and bones.....

Moroccan Thanksgiving 4

 A batik length of cloth from Mali, antlers, strands of African pods. 

Moroccan Thanksgiving 11

African antiquities, namecards with African porcupine quills.

_MJM944Moroccan Thanksgiving 10Objects dressed up to look their African best........

Moroccan Thanksgiving 5A herd of antelopes and old bauxite beads.


Bunches or yellow roses in vintage Ethiopian tole containers.  Gazelle horns.

Moroccan Thanksgiving 8

 Antique Tuareg nomadic bags and olive branches hung in the air. 

Moroccan Thanksgiving 16

Shiny Amy-- helping out at Peacock Pavilions for two months--took to the African madness with gusto.  


 And it all ended up looking like this....

Moroccan Thanksgiving 1

We put out the horn and abalone serving utensils. 

Moroccan Thanksgiving 6

 And the glimmery dishes.......


The menu was masterminded by Peacock Pavilions very own Michelle, with a 30 pound turkey sourced by the Four Seasons Marrakech and cooked by our friend, Kimo. 

Moroccan Thanksgiving 12

 We filled our plates.

Moroccan Thanksgiving 13

And we dug in.
Moroccan Thanksgiving 14

 Most importantly, we went around the table, and each of us gave thanks, large and small........


We ate and ate and gave more and more thanks......until some literally passed out......

Moroccan Thanksgiving 15

Happy Thanksgiving.  Today and every day. 

Marrakech: a tale of ethnic chic table setting in the Peacock Pavilions dining tent

I conjure up a lot of table settings at Peacock Pavilions in Marrakech and they don't have too much in common with the ones I see in Crate & Barrel catalogues.  Rather, they tend to follow my own brand of ethnic chic, which often involves goods procured in foreign lands mixed with wild abandon.  

Here the flowers from my own rose garden. {These roses smell sublime.}  My vases:  glass Spanish mineral water bottles.

Moroccan table settings at Peacock Pavilions in Marrakech 2

Add in a very long length of nomadic handmade, hand dyed fabric (which is actually Mauritanian dress, worn a bit like a sari). Indian dagmar votives.

Moroccan table setting at Peacock Pavilions 1

Place on top, hand carved lacy placemats/chargers from Indonesia. Custom embroidered peacock feather napkins.

Moroccan table setting at Peacock Pavilions 3

More pattern?  No problem. Bench cushions covered in the embroidery of the Moroccan city of Fez pattern. 

Moroccan table setting at Peacock Pavilions 4

Repeat in multiples, bien sur.

Moroccan table setting at Peacock Pavilions 5
Setting:  Arabian dining tent at Peacock Pavilions.

Moroccan table setting at Peacock Pavilions 6

If possible, add in guests traveling from Tokyo, France, Brazil and the US.

Moroccan table setting at Peacock Pavilions 7
When are you coming?


PS Amy, this post is for you. Thank you for the good juju you bring. xo

Moroccan design: a tale of red

Did you know that Marrakesh is known as the Red City?  Named after the color of its walls, which glow a rich color when the sun sets.  So it's all about red here today.........all about red.............

Close up of Moroccan boujad carpet

Snippet of a vintage Moroccan Boujad carpet.

7 skein of Moroccan yarn

Red wool hanging on the wall in the Dyers Souk.

Red sardine cans in Dar Rumi kitchen shelf

Red sardine cans in the Dar Rumi kitchen.

Red walls in the cafe des epices

Red tadelakt walls, floors and stairs in the Cafe des Epices in Marrakesh.

26 red roses option 1 007

Red roses in a hand carved Moroccan fountain at Le Tanjia Restaurant in Marrakesh.

Christmas & Jawad Khadiri 090

Red walls at Jawad Kadiri's house in Marrakesh.

4 Sequinned babouches at Dar Rumi 387

Red sequined slippers and red calligraphic artwork at Dar Rumi in Marrakesh.

3 Moroccan star at zid zid house 001

Artwork with former King Hassan II at the home of the designers of Zid Zid Kids.


 PS There's a whole chapter on Moroccan color in my forthcoming book, Marrakesh by Design -- so you can  use this beautiful color palette (red and so much more!) in your home, no matter where you live:-)

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