Moroccan cushions

Marrakesh: and a tale of Moroccan decorating at Peacock Pavilions

Marrakesh: and a tale of Moroccan decorating at Peacock Pavilions

I named it the Atlas Pavilion because it has a beautiful view of the snowy Atlas Mountains at 6 months a year.  But I think the interiors are memorable, too. I decorated the main salon with it's 22+ foot pyramid dome roof and catwalk with lots of color, using carpetscushions and poufs with liberal abandon.  I carried each of the lanterns back from Egypt. 

Marrakesh: and a tale of Peacock Pavilions tribal chic

What will you do now? She wondered.

What do you mean? I replied.

I mean, what will you do now that Peacock Pavilions is all done? Now that it's all decorated? She asked.

Oh, it's never done, I said.  No, no never done.  


 Egyptian bowls, one with a vintage snake surround on the bottom and the other 2 filled with African fish vertebrae.  Also a little shooting star zellij tile piece.  In the background roses in the fountain that we built ourselves.  

Peacock Pavilions 1
Moroccan painted ink pot, next to an antique Tibetan altar table.

_MJM9668Moroccan green and white bowl, vintage Indian round box, bejeweled brush bought in the souk.

_MJM9650Antique Filipino nina, topped by a vintage Peruvian halo.  Next to it, part of a huge old bronze Indian urli.

_MJM9640Vintage hand embroidered skull caps bought in Kabul in an old wooden Jewish couscous platter.  Couch covered in a vintage Moroccan blanket.  Cushions that I pieced together from African blankets, German velvet and snippets of old saris.  A vintage Indian yoga sculpture in the background.

_MJM9644Vintage African sculpture bought in Ghana, wearing old motorcycle goggles purchased in Cairo's Khan el Khalili. and antique Malian glass beads


Golden Indian peacock mirror.  Vintage Egyptian and Ethiopian processional crosses bought in Cairo and Addis Ababa.

_MJM9658Antique Moroccan jade pottery collection.  One piece filled with peacock feathers, shed from our very own peacocks at Peacock Pavilions.

PS I'm in Egypt, right now.

PPS My publisher just told me that they are going back to press for another printing of my Moroccan design book, Marrakesh by Design!  So excited.  Do you have a copy yet?  What did you think?