Marrakesh guesthouse

Marrakech boutique hotel: a tale of Moroccan decorating at Peacock Pavilions

I'm an accidental stylist.  A curator of odd and curious things from odd and curious places.  I've amassed them, I've grouped them, I've arranged them. None of them "goes with" anything else and yet, they're all together somehow.  I like surprising combinations.

Here's more of Peacock Pavilions, our quirky boutique hotel in Marrakech.  I hope you like it. I made it up as I went along, and we built it from scratch with love:-)

  Medina Pavilion salon
Enormous horseshoe Moroccan door (This shape is thought to have protective powers.), vintage molded plastic chair from Morocco's hippie days, Egyptian pin prick lanterns, vintage Australian tram roll, patchwork flatweave carpet with bits from Turkey and Iran. Salon, Atlas Pavilion.

Room of the Golden Gazelles Peacock Pavilions
Rabat embroidery Moroccan pillows, wall designed to spec by Melanie Royals and the Peacock Painters, vintage Yemeni nomadic lanterns.

Peacock Pavilions 37
Antique Moroccan handpainted muqarna with original gold leaf, vintage Persian tassels, chair from the Paris flea market. Medina Pavilion dining room.

Peacock Pavilions
Outdoor alcove entry to guestroom, covered in bougainvillea.

Peacock Pavilions medina salon Red vintage Persian carpet, old French Arab poster, vintage red Moroccan burnoose from the Atlas Mountains, handcarved old Moroccan coffee table, Moroccan stenciled fireplace, old amazonite Moroccan bowl from Tamgroute, assemblage vintage chandelier hanging from the dome, old Peacock cigarette sign found on ebay. Salon in Medina Pavilion.

Perhaps come and see for yourself?  Learn more right here.

Images by fab Peacock Pavilions intern, Katie O'Shaughnessy

Marrakech's Peacock Pavilions guesthouse: and a decorating tale of a Morocan caftan

Oh, I could have bought it in taupe or khaki or a discreet grey.  Oh I could have bought it in ivory, or beige, or a pale yellow. 

But I didn't. 

I bought it in hot pink and I pinned it to the wall.  Because  I dream in color.

Vintage Moroccan silk caftan, trim and buttona made by hand.

Orange patterns (peaked baskets from Rwanda).

Crowned with a yellow hand beaded and hand emboidered element of an old Moroccan Fantasia leather saddle.

  4 75 year old multi-hued hand appliqued Turkish pennant, handmade glazed Moroccan chevron tile table, white linen and vintage yellow silk sari shades.

In The Room of the Sufi Seamstress at  Peacock Pavilions in Marrakech  For rent.  Color-lovers especially welcome.

To be cont.

Marrakech: and a tale of wine tasting at Peacock Pavilions B&B

It was in my dining room at Peacock Pavilions.  The wine tasting, the Moroccan wine tasting. All reds.  The bottles huddled covered in a corner, waiting, anonymous.

Wine 6

And then the bottles were spread out, one by one.  And the guests came in.

Wine 1

Wine was poured, each bottle in its turn.

Wine 2

Alex, our star Peacock Pavilions intern was in charge.  His many months on a French vineyard came in handy.  We all learned a thing or two about wine -- how to peer at it, smell it, taste it.  Then we scored each of the wines on specially prepared Peacock Pavilions cards. 

We drank and then we drank more.  But there were canapes to make sure that we didn't drink ourselves silly. (Cough)

Wine 3

And then it was time for the big reveal.   Which wines had been scored highest? Which were the best value?

Wine 4
Oh there were surprises!

Wine 5

And in the end all that were left were the wines, revealed of all their secrets.  The one that came in 6th place, looked down right embarrassed.....

Wine 7
PS After 3 months, it's our last day with Star Intern Alex.  Sniff.  We loved having you, Alex, and are so grateful for all your help.  So now I'd like to raise my glass to you.  Best of luck doing whatever it is that lawyers do in London.  You are always welcome at Peacock PavilionsAlways.

Marrakech: a tale of Moroccan interior design, bathroom-style, at Peacock Pavilions

Feeling blue?  Me too.  But maybe not in the way you'd expect:-)

Take a peek at the bathroom of the Room of the  Moorish Muse at Peacock Pavilions.  Ahem, continuing with the exuberantly Moroccan tiled theme........Because really, life is meant to be exuberant, no?

Peacock Pavilions blue bath 2
Peacock Pavilions blue bath 3
Peacock Pavilions blue bath 4 
 Moroccan bamboo cement tiles by Popham Design, made with love in Marrakech by cool LA expat couple, Caitlin & Samuel Dowe-Sandes. 

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