Marrakesh boutique hotel

Marrakech boutique hotel: a tale of Moroccan decorating at Peacock Pavilions

I'm an accidental stylist.  A curator of odd and curious things from odd and curious places.  I've amassed them, I've grouped them, I've arranged them. None of them "goes with" anything else and yet, they're all together somehow.  I like surprising combinations.

Here's more of Peacock Pavilions, our quirky boutique hotel in Marrakech.  I hope you like it. I made it up as I went along, and we built it from scratch with love:-)

  Medina Pavilion salon
Enormous horseshoe Moroccan door (This shape is thought to have protective powers.), vintage molded plastic chair from Morocco's hippie days, Egyptian pin prick lanterns, vintage Australian tram roll, patchwork flatweave carpet with bits from Turkey and Iran. Salon, Atlas Pavilion.

Room of the Golden Gazelles Peacock Pavilions
Rabat embroidery Moroccan pillows, wall designed to spec by Melanie Royals and the Peacock Painters, vintage Yemeni nomadic lanterns.

Peacock Pavilions 37
Antique Moroccan handpainted muqarna with original gold leaf, vintage Persian tassels, chair from the Paris flea market. Medina Pavilion dining room.

Peacock Pavilions
Outdoor alcove entry to guestroom, covered in bougainvillea.

Peacock Pavilions medina salon Red vintage Persian carpet, old French Arab poster, vintage red Moroccan burnoose from the Atlas Mountains, handcarved old Moroccan coffee table, Moroccan stenciled fireplace, old amazonite Moroccan bowl from Tamgroute, assemblage vintage chandelier hanging from the dome, old Peacock cigarette sign found on ebay. Salon in Medina Pavilion.

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Images by fab Peacock Pavilions intern, Katie O'Shaughnessy

Marrakech guest house: a tale of the Room of the Sufi Seamstress, Part 2

Oh there are benefits to having a boutique hotel in Marrakech. Namely, you get to play and decorate them the way that you wish. Here's more on the Room of the Sufi Seamstress at Peacock Pavilions.


A gold hand embroidered cushion from Om Home.

An antique metal tassel from Turkey, hanging in front of shades made from vintage yellow sari silk.

Detail of an old hand embroidery bought on assignment in Afghanistan.

Table scape with antler and photography books.

Door handles made from old Indian print blocks.

Old steamer trunk with initials.

Cotton percale pillows with the peacock feather embroidered (designed by Vanessa Valencia).

Black Moroccan marble mantle, vintage hand embroidery/tassels from Pakistan, old brass vase from Syria, antique map of Paris, black fossil from Morocco.

Room of the Sufi Seamstress

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